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Marble electrical heaters provide unreached efficiency when turning energy into warmth. We use highly effective marble stone to cut down your heating costs.

The infrared heat creates a cosy comfort climate. Preventing mold the electric heating system is completely dustfree and best for asthma, rheumatism and allergies.

And in the end marble stone radiators make a wounderful stylishly decoration element in your home.

Cosy warmth with marble stone heaters
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Electric heaters from marble stone warm like the sun and turn your home into a cosy comfort zone.

  • Comfort: warming like the sun
  • Style: lightweight and elegant
  • Clean: dust-free fresh air to breathe

Your are looking for a heating system that provides warmth - free of any side effects? Then our offer is interesting for you: Electrical marble heating is a clean and eye catching solution. Compared to oil or gas central heating you save both energy and investment costs - and get a healthy and pleasant indoor environment. The radiant heat of an infrared heater warms like the sun - with wonderful fresh air.

The heating system of our future
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Combining highest demands of efficience and health marble heating is the most ecological and future-oriented heating system on the market.

  • Ecological: top energy efficiency
  • Health: excellent for allergy and asthma
  • Safety: preventing mould growth
  • Whether for new constructions or renovation in old buildings: Electrical stone radiators are interesting not only for builders and architects. The heating concept of electric infrared radiators is completely maintenance free, will never wear out and saves money both in consumption and in the installation. The alternative heating system prevents mold growth and ensures a healthy smooth heat - ideal for allergy, asthma, rheumatism and children.

Electric heating saves money
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Infrared marble heaters use the latest technology from aerospace and naval research. That makes electric radiant heating even more economical.

You will save up to:

  • 65% less than night storage
  • 43% compared with gas heating
  • 55% savings over oil heating